Spend some quiet moments in the private places renewing your body and soul at the waterfall lawns, lap pool and gym or celebrate your life’s greatest moments at the BBQ pavilion.

Don’t miss out this rare opportunity to secure a FREEHOLD property in this bustling city. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The development of Grange 1866 is managed by Heeton Holdings, a real estate conglomerate focused on property development, investment, and management. The company’s portfolio spans a variety of project types, including mixed developments across three continents. The developer’s other noteworthy projects in Singapore include Park Colonial, Palacio, The Lumos, and Onze @ Tanjong Pagar.

Visiting a property showroom before making a purchase is important for several reasons:

1. Physical inspection: A showroom visit allows you to physically inspect the property, get a feel for the layout and see the finishes, fixtures, and fittings in person.

2. Clarification of doubts: You can ask questions and clarify any doubts you may have regarding the property, such as construction quality, orientation, or neighbourhood amenities.

3. Location assessment: You can also assess the location and get a sense of the surrounding area, including transportation, shops, and other amenities.

4. Comparison: A showroom visit allows you to compare different properties and make a more informed decision.

5. Confidence: By visiting the showroom, you will gain confidence in your purchase decision and be more comfortable with the investment you are making.

Overall, a showroom visit can help you make a more informed and confident purchase decision, ensuring that you get the property that meets your needs and expectations.

Reserve your showroom appointment as viewing is strictly by appointment only. 

Scheduling an appointment in advance for a showroom visit is important because:

1. Availability: Showrooms are often busy and may not have staff available on short notice to assist you. Scheduling an appointment ensures that there will be someone available to answer your questions and show you around.

2. Preparation: The showroom staff may need time to prepare for your visit, such as gathering information about the property or making sure the space is ready for you to see.

3. Personalised attention: By scheduling an appointment, you are guaranteed to receive personalised attention and have dedicated time with a representative to answer your questions and show you the property.

4. Efficient use of time: Scheduling an appointment ensures that you are not wasting time waiting for staff to become available or waiting in line to see the property.

Overall, scheduling an appointment in advance for a showroom visit helps ensure that you have a productive and efficient experience, with the attention and information you need to make an informed decision. 

Reserve your showroom appointment to avoid any disappointment! 

By requesting our free e-brochure, you will gain exclusive access to comprehensive information about this extraordinary development, allowing you to envision your future with the property.

1. Gain in-depth details about the development such as the floor plans and unit configurations.

2. Explore the exquisite range of amenities such as lush landscaped gardens to state-of-the-art fitness centers and serene swimming pools, each facility promises to elevate your everyday living experience.

3. Visualize the exterior and interior of the new launch condominium with the stunning visuals and artist impressions

4. Discover the location which highlights the convenience of nearby transportation options, esteemed educational institutions, shopping centers, and a vibrant array of dining and entertainment venues.

There’s no obligations so claim your e-brochure now!

Developed by Grange 1866 Pte. Ltd. (UEN No. 200713112Z)

Managed by Heeton Holdings

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